Young Learners Courses-Primary English


Excellence Online Academy Primary English Courses contain a blend of General and Academic English .

The Primary English Course encourages students to practice READING and WRITING,  as well as LISTENING and SPEAKING .

We provide a comprehensive reading programme that is supporting and encouraging children to  read and write effectively.

The Course offers children the possibility to discover fantastic fiction and non-fiction created by the biggest authors and illustrators and supports teaching across the curriculum .

The range of target BIG CAT strands ensures readers that all needs and abilities are supported.


The course includes uses of media rich activities , with video, audio and interactive infographics , to engage students.

Students are also encouraged to broaden and reflect on their learning with “Can -Do” statements , space for making notes , tips , cultural glossaries etc.

Course key features:

  • We offer courses for both General and Academic English. Both have the same structure but with different content .
  • Step-by-step student support– Each learning module follows an Engage-Explore-Task-Reflect activity sequence to ensure that students practice and learn effectively on their own .
  • Aligned to the CEFR -Give your students practice at the level that it suits to them, with self-check ” Can-Do “ statements at the end of each module.
  • Media-rich – Motivate students with compelling visual content including video , interactive info-graphics and striking photography on culturally diverse topics.
  • Our native speakers English teachers help students improve and develop their communication skills

The student will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the Course.

English Language Practice Course for Young Learners (A1-A2 CEFR)

The course focuses on improving and developing student’s vocabulary and grammar skills. *25 hours of studying *intensive : 8 weeks with 3 hours/ week *standard : 12 weeks with 2 hours/week * flexible schedule * personalized studying plan