Online English Grammar In Use

English Grammar In Use Online  is a new way for Intermediate learners of English to study Grammar .

English Grammar In Use Online Content

The Course has a clear structure that facilitates an easy access to grammar information for the students .

The Course has a good balance of explanation and exercises that helps you understand  faster and easier the grammar concepts .

An ” AUDIO ” button ” is attached to every  example-sentence  so you can listen to the grammar as well as read it .

The programme has ” Bookmark features ” in case that you would like to come back to some lessons and review them .

You can also add ” Notes ” with your own examples or advises from the teacher .

There are 9 different activity types such as :

  • Exercises  where you simply type in the answers ;
  • Multiple choice – exercises where you choose the correct answer;
  • Drag- and – drop exercises , where you drag the words into the blank spaces.

After completing the activities you receive feedback on which exercises are right or wrong .

English Grammar Online programme is also provided with a “Study- Guide ” . The Study Guide shows you what you have to study next ,and what progress you have made so far ( how much you have completed of each unit ).