Present tenses (I am doing/I do) with future meaning


We use the present continuous for the future for personal arrangements .

This is my schedule for next week.

Monday I am going to school.

Tuesday I am travelling to Venice.

Saturday I am attending a business meeting.

RULE! In all these examples , I have already decided and arranged to do these things.

I am doing something tomorrow= it is something arranged and I have decided to do it.

Paul isn’t going to play tennis next Sunday. He has hurt his arm.

A. What are you going to do on Saturday? ( Not: ‘ What do you do on Saturday?”

B. I am visiting my aunt .

We use the present simple when we talk about timetables , programmes etc ( for public transport , cinemas etc) :

  1. Our train leaves at 1:30 , so I need to be at the station by 11.30 .
  2. What time does the concert start this evening?

We can also use the present simple to talk about people if their plans are fixed like a time table .

  1. I start my lesson on Monday .
  2. What time do you finish your class tomorrow?


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