Summer Practice

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Present Simple

We use Present Simple when we talk about things in general.

We use present simple when we say that something

  • happens all the time or repeatedly
  • is true in general


I work                                                       He works

You work                                                  She works

You work                                                  It works

They work

I usually sleep late at weekends.

The shop opens at 7.30 in the morning.

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences using these verbs:

cause(s) connect(s) drink(s) live(s) open(s) speak(s) take(s)

ExampleTanya German very well.


I don’t often …. coffee.


The swimming pool  ….at 7.30 every morning.


Bad driving ….. many accidents.


My parents  ….in a very small flat.


The Olympic Games  … every four years.


The Panama Canal …… the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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